Registration Procedures

Registration Procedures

The registration has to be done electronically and on the specified time. In order to accept the child's application, it is required to complete all the registration steps and provide all the official documents listed here:
1. Copy of the family card (for Saudis) or valid residence (for non-Saudis).
2. Copy of the child's birth certificate.
3. The child's data form.
4. The medical examination filled and certified from an acknowledged medical center.
5. Copy of the university Id card and schedule for students.
6. Four photos for the child; size (2 X 3), and 8 photos; size (4x6).
7. Provide all the child's needs.
For more… P.S: Setting the stage for each child is based on what is customary in the Ministry of Education, in terms of age convenience to be accepted in first grade according to the ministry conditions.

Registration procedures for day care:

1. The system of day care registration is annual/by term (for two days- three days- four days per week)
2. The child is accepted after completion of all the required documents: (a copy of family card, university Id card for student or employee, child's birth certificate, medical examination, signature of the agreement policy on the regulations of the centre).

Daily registration system:

If the mother desires to register her child for one day, it will be coordinated with the centre administration except for emergencies in addition to bringing the official papers (family card, mother's university Id card, child's birth certificate, photos for the child).

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