Programs in place


Mathematics program is a six units:
Unity first: What are the numbers.
Second unit: Movement and trends.
Unit III: forms of things. T
he fourth unit: patterns.
Unit V: measurement.
Unit VI: working on the numbers. T
he program includes learning centers on the individual and collective action.

the bookstore Supervision d. Highlands Sudairy

Library period is a fixed period of half an hour a day, provided activities are divided in this period are as follows:
Story develop thinking skills, Library Center:
• bookish fun center.
• Computer Center.
• recitation center.
• Writing Center.
• Center whiteboard.
• Theater Center.

Reading program (I can read) supervision d. Nadia good:

The program uses the strategy (self-learning) through the entry of a child learning centers to support various reading skills has, namely:
• misspelling.
• phonological awareness.
• Build vocabulary.
• Writing.
• fluency.
• Reading Comprehension

GROWHNG READERS Supervision d. Nadia Taabh

Kindergarten stage 1:
Children learn in this period, letters and vocabulary, antonyms Statistics mathematical concepts such as numbers and colors by kinetic games and finger games and songs.
Kindergarten stage 2 and primer:
English children spend time in an atmosphere full of fun and activity, between meaningful games such as kinetic games and games fingers, cognitive games, and activities provided in this period is divided as follows:
Episode period as educational Learning centers on pre-reading skills, namely:
• spelling.
• phonological awareness.
• Build vocabulary.
• Writing.
• fluency.
• Reading Comprehension

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