Daily program

Circle time

There is a daily routine which is done with teacher ( greeting, supplication, reading Quran, taking attendance, days of the week, date, unit's concepts)

Nutrition Meal:

Children eat two meals everyday:
- The first meal is offered by the nursery .
- The second meal is a snack brought from home .
 For more clarification, see the table below:


Main meals


Corn flakes+milk

Fruits( apple, banana…)

Tuna sandwich+ cucumber+ apple juice

Healthy nuts ( almonds, raisins, walnuts….)

Labna sandwich+ carrot+ orange juice

Different kinds of milk

Egg & cheese sandwich+ apple juice+ pineapple slices


Pizza+ strawberry juice

Cupcake  Turkey& cheese sandwich+ tomatoes & cucumber+ guava juice

Free play :

Each child has the right to choose the game which he/she prefers and to choose the friends.

Free play in learning centers :

The learning centers are:
 - Blocks center.
 - Home center.
 - Library center.
 - Explore center.
 - Art center.
 - Recognition center.

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