Daily program


This is a period of the daily program where all children meet the teacher in a family atmosphere featured with intimacy and affection. They sit in the form of a circle to practice organized activities led by the teacher with the help of the children. They start with the greeting of Islam and morning prayers, reciting verses of Koran, then check their friends both the attendees and absents. Then they get to know the days of the week, date, and other concepts relating to the unit.


The child eats a healthy meal during the daily program which is provided by the center and planned by the nutrition technician in line with the baby's need of food, in addition to an option of a light healthy meal. This is a schedule for some meals that may vary from time to time.



Cheese sandwich, cucumber, apple juice


Cereal, milk, oranges


Tuna sandwich, corn, apple juic


Pasta, olives, apple juice 


Cheese sandwich, cucumber, tomato, apple juice


Free play

This is a basic and necessary period for all kindergarten programs wherein the child meets her kinetic needs such as jumping, climbing, swinging, drilling, tracking and lifting. During this period, the child freely chooses the kinetic games that fit her needs and abilities, and she also chooses her play comrades

Free activity in the corners

This is a period in which the child gains experience through tangible things. Each child chooses the corner or activity that appeals to her and fits her willingness, mental and physical abilities. This in turn satisfies the child's needs and inclinations according to the individual differences among children, and develops the child's mental, physical, emotional and social aspects. The educational corners are the following: square, home, library, discovery, artistic, cognitive, planning and computer corners.

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