Things that parent should provide for their child :

Infants :

Based on the daily needs that infants need , please provide the following :
-5 diapers with diapers ointment.
-Baby wipes.
-Medium towel.
-2 pieces of underwear.
-2 pieces of clothes.
-Bellow, blanket and bed sheets.
-Milk bottles and a brush to clean the milk bottle.
-Health snacks and milk.

age 3 – 6 years :

please provide the following :
-Bring the child ( underwear \ 2 pants\ 2 t-shirts \ 2 socks )
-Box of tissues.
-Please put the things mentioned earlier in a small bag.
-Art's uniform.
-Kitchen uniform.
Important :
-put a mark or write the name on the child's bag and things so they won't mix up with the other's.
-girls are not allowed to wear golden jewelry (earrings – nickels – bracelet – ring – brooch).

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