Academic Supervision Committee

Main Tasks Description:

Academic Supervision Committee:
Academic Supervision Committee’s members in Childhood Studies Department:
Committee Chairperson nominated by the Childhood Studies Department:
Dr. Amal Masoud
Faculty members at Childhood Studies Department:
1- Dr. Nojoud Mesaaed Alsaudiri
2- Dr. Sama Fuad Khamis
3- Mrs. Nisreen Khasheqshi
Childhood Studies Department Coordinator with the Centre -
Ms. Noora Mhanna
- Follow up of committee work Head of the Research Unit Head of the Application Centre:
Ms. Amani Afandi.

Committee's duties:

1. Adopt the annual program of the center’s educational process with all its details.
2. Adopt the tools and methods of evaluation used in the kindergarten.
3. Develop standards for admission in the kindergarten.
4. Supervise classrooms distribution.
5. Develop the standards of hiring the kindergarten teachers and supervise the hiring process.
6. Make decisions regarding teachers based on the academic director and the department's supervisor.
7. Develop a training program for the kindergarten's employees and supervise its implementation.
8. Develop an educational program for the children's parents and supervise its implementation.
9. Adopt the technical decisions taken by the kindergarten director.​
10. Submit a detailed annual report about the center to the Home Economics Vice Dean and the businessmen organization. 11. Supervise the continuous development processes in the center.
12. Adopt the follow up reports of the educational process in all its elements (curriculum, children, teachers, classroom environment and equipment)
13. Approve on the applied procedures of the research studies which are proposed from the Research Centre.
14. Approve on using the kindergarten as a practical environment for research after reading the outline and the research procedures.

Ms. Noora Mhanna’s duties:

1. Coordinate and follow up all committee tasks mentioned before.
2. Form a table for the teachers' evaluation and supervise its implementation with the academic members of the committee.

Duties of the Committee Head:

1. Supervision on the educational process in the center through the department's coordinator or director
2. Internal organization between the academic committee members to distribute the tasks according to appropriate specialty 3. Organization of regular meetings between committee members to implement the tasks of the committee and discuss any work updates.
4. Continuous communication with the department's coordinator and the center’s Director to follow up the implementation of the committee’s academic decision
5. Approval of the schedule assigned by the Coordinator of Childhood Studies Department’s students to practice in the center 6. Setting a timetable about the committee members’ supervision on the functioning of the educational process and services
7. Follow up the implementation of decisions taken by the Academic Committee in the center
8. Directing the Scientific Committee members to supervise the center’s applied units as well as the teaching basics and activities to achieve the educational goals according to specialty.
9. Coordination of training sessions for teachers and supervisors when needed
10. Coordination of training sessions to parents with the Department's Coordinator and Academic Director
11. Submission of an annual report on the academic process and sending it to the Head of Childhood Studies Department

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