Our Vision :

A practical, research and training center that leads the world with our children .. the pioneers of the future.

Our Mission :

Childhood practical, research and training center in king Abdul Aziz University will offer educational services for children in their first six years of age, also the childhood center offers the emotional and educational support to the parents through direct and regular contact and courses that qualify them to deal with their child. These services will be offered by specialized team of highly qualified teachers and learning specialists under the supervision of a committee consist of the faculty of the department of childhood studies.
One of the childhood center aspirations is to merge children with simple needs with normal children in an appropriate healthy environment under the supervision of specialist from the childhood studies department also offering complete services for the child in the environment of a normal class. The center include a training department that works on offering the perfect atmosphere for qualifying kindergarten teachers for normal and special needs children. And this department will include teacher from the childhood center also offer services for teacher from outside the center and students of childhood studies department in the university.
Finally the center will include a research department that works on applied researches done by the faculty, graduate students and Bachelor degree students in related majors such as (Psychology, Sociology, listening and speaking, curriculums and methods of teaching children, special learning, vocational education, nursing and Pediatrics), to develop this field in all its aspects.